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Volume 1, Issue 8 

An Airtech Advanced Materials Group Publication

April 2002


Impression Master®

Eases Aircraft Repair

Airtech is conquering its latest market with new contracts in the wind power industry.  High volumes of vacuum bagging materials are required for the production of windmill blades, which vary in size, up to 15 ft. wide and 90 ft. long.  Airtech is honored to play an integral role in the development of new renewable energy resources.

New PCB Manager

Airtech has introduced a new, fast and inexpensive way to make tooling for aircraft repairs.  In conjunction with Wright-Patterson Air force Base and licensed from Lockheed Martin Corp., Impression Master® VMRS (Vacuum Mold Repair System) was developed.  This product consists of a reusable bag filled with a formable compound.  It can be placed over a good part directly on the aircraft or on a spare part.  When vacuum is applied, the soft formable rubber bag takes a set to the exact shape.  The bag is removed from the aircraft, still maintaining its rigidity and impression, and the repair patch is then layed up on the mold bag.  These bags have been used successfully by the US Air force for four years and are now ready for worldwide applications.

Jim Hegeduis has joined Airtech as our newly created  Printed Circuit Board Business Development Manager.  With over 10 years experience in the PCB industry, and a lifetime of industrial distribution experience, Jim has managed manufacturing, product development, patent acquisition, and tech support operations.  Much of Jim's work has been in global markets, making him an asset to Airtech.

Additions to "Econo" Line of Products

Three additional products have been added to our current  "Econo" line:

  • Econo-Ply E - Heavy duty peel ply
  • Econo-Stitch - Peel ply with red tracers
  • Econoweave 22 - 2 oz/yd2 Breather

These less expensive products are designed for the marine, transportation, recreation, wind power, and kit airplane industries.  Lookout for Econolease; another "Econo" product which will debut in the next couple of months!

Please contact Airtech or your Local Airtech Distributor for additional information:

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Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Phone: (714) 899-8100
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