Restore the Old·Protect the New!
Whether a hotel, condo, business or your home, count on STARDEK for long lasting beauty and reliability. Not a paint or stain, STARDEK Coatings are formulated using tough acrylics, color pigments and cementitious materials. Time-tested since 1972 STARDEK Coatings will withstand sun, salt, rain, heat and cold. Unlike a paint or stain, STARDEK's tough acrylic surfaces are oil, grease, rust, mildew and even acid resistant. This unique coating system is an excellent sealer which prevents foreign substances from penetrating the surface. Combine these qualities with a slip resistant finish and you have the perfect solution for driveways, pool decks, walks and lanais.

With over 100,000 applications covering millions of square feet, STARDEK Coatings are truly the homeowner's choice!
For a closer look at STARDEK patterns, colors, and template designs, see The Gallery.
Stardek is the first to use computer-imaging technology to assist independent installers when showing Stardek products. Have a STARDEK installer come to your home today to give a free demonstration as to what your cracked and stained concrete will look like as new red brick or flagstone, using STARDEK's Virtual Imaging program. . Click here to see a 1-minute preview of some of its capabilities.