STARDEK coatings systems are made of the highest quality materials. Top grade Acrylics, Binder Resins, Cements, and Epoxies make STARDEK's slip resistant surface cooler than concrete. The ideal application for pools, decks and spas, STARDEK has installed millions of square feet nationwide.
The perfect choice for resurfacing Kool Deck, River Rock or existing concrete. Choose from many designs: brick, tile, slate or create your own.
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Whether a hotel, condo, business or your home, count on STARDEK for long lasting beauty and reliability. Not a paint or stain, STARDEK is formulated using tough acrylics, color pigments and cementitious materials. Time tested since 1972, STARDEK transforms an oily, mildew or rust-stained surface into a colorful, textured finish that will retain its elegant appearance year after year.

Renovate, Don't Detonate with STARDEK Overlay Wall and Floor Systems