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Since the beginning, Color-Crown Corporation started by Robert F. Cole in 1972, has been the leader in this exciting and ever changing industry. Not only did Robert Cole start Color-Crown he also pioneered the business as it is known today. A family owned and operated business since its inception Color-Crown has never lost touch with the working class. Constantly striving to manufacture decorative concrete coatings that all can afford.
As the demand for decorative concrete coatings continued to grow, Color-Crown maintained its hold as a leader. Taking advantage of new technology, Color-Crown Corporation has always been on the leading edge of research and development. Taking full advantage of new developments to improve fade resistance and weathering so that a coated deck or driveway will look great for years.

From 1972, when the first "Floridian" coating system was applied in Zephyrhills, Florida to the STARDEK I job recently completed in Anchorage, Alaska; STARDEK performance has exceeded the expectations of Color-Crown Corporation as well as it's nearly one hundred thousand customers.

In the late 80's Color-Crown began applying their products in the northern states including Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, and Canada. The benefits of sealing concrete in the north were soon apparent, a reduction in spalling, flaking and the general deterioration of the concrete so often seen in harsh winter climates. Even homes and businesses in the "snow belt" could now have beautiful decorative concrete.


The demand for decorative concrete was overwhelming and there weren't many qualified Installers. With this knowledge and under the guidance of Mr. Cole, newly appointed President Jeff Griffin, Executive Secretary Beverly Griffin, and Director of Development Ed Benus sought to build a quality training program in order to train installers throughout the country. Once again pioneering the industry. Soon, as growth was immanent, what was once one man's dream, became the dreams of many.
From the back streets of Tampa in a little 2000 sq. ft. building to our sprawling new facility off I-4 just minutes from Tampa, Color-Crown has once again set the standard of the industry.
Along the way preaching the word, NO NAKED CONCRETE!!


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